all of those in favour of a stronger economy say "aye"…

Worn down from the years of fighting our way through a recession, people are tired of the waste. We voted for a coalition government who would strengthen the economy and still take care of us.  We voted for moderation.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) the key to reaching moderation for us has been a harsh reality of the most severe cuts. Young people have born the brunt of the initial pain. They make up the largest group, straddling every part of the equalities strands,  that government seeks to safeguard. Laws have been made to protect them and yet they are the silent voices who had no real say in the matter. They have become the easiest targets.


About ReetzOnline
Reetz is using enterprise ventures as a tool for engaging and empowering young people. We work to improve their prospects for the future: young people have more responsibility for personal and community goals young people have better access to public services and local initiatives businesses and employers have stronger relationships with young leaders more young people employed better portrayal of young people in the media better variety of youth-led ventures in which to invest

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