real empowerment starts with a conversation…

Introducing the Real Engagemet & Empowerment Tool Zones. Reetz is developing a clear process for empowering young people through enterprise. The process is made up of 3 zones which set out the Reetz policies (rules) and strategies (tools) for moving forward. Any young person or adult should be able to walk through the zones in order to create a money-making venture, set up a discussion group or campaign for better work experience. The zones are about sharing the learning and letting people see how empowerment works. I’ll be starting in the Plan Zone to hear what people have to say about the process as it develops….Rita Burrows


About ReetzOnline
Reetz is using enterprise ventures as a tool for engaging and empowering young people. We work to improve their prospects for the future: young people have more responsibility for personal and community goals young people have better access to public services and local initiatives businesses and employers have stronger relationships with young leaders more young people employed better portrayal of young people in the media better variety of youth-led ventures in which to invest

2 Responses to real empowerment starts with a conversation…

  1. pink says:

    These zones are excellent! I think the fact that anyone, including
    young people, can develop certain skills and then use these in a
    variety of ways, from looking for a job to managing an event is
    brilliant.I wish you every success.’

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