think, before you think about thinking…

Quite possibly, it is not the job of our representatives to guide and protect our youth. Grants for councils to deliver social education out of school have been vastly reduced. Someone else will have to reclaim the responsibility for educating our young population. Schools are looking like the easiest solution, but free education will only stretch so far. Young people will need to think twice before they can even consider swanning about on a university campus expounding on ideals and pushing the boundaries of scholarship for scholarships sake.  They will need to be more responsible about the decisions they make with regard to furthering their academic experiences.  In other words, they will need to weigh the economic value of their future prospects as against their academic intent.


About ReetzOnline
Reetz is using enterprise ventures as a tool for engaging and empowering young people. We work to improve their prospects for the future: young people have more responsibility for personal and community goals young people have better access to public services and local initiatives businesses and employers have stronger relationships with young leaders more young people employed better portrayal of young people in the media better variety of youth-led ventures in which to invest

2 Responses to think, before you think about thinking…

  1. annrn says:

    Thank you for writing, you may have wonderful ideas to share with the “citizen public.”

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