If lack of funding is not the only barrier to education, then funding is not the only solution

On the one hand, many young people will be deterred by the financial burden of attending university.  On the other hand, employers have little faith in cost free informal learning or it’s ability to prepare young people to work in the market place. Add this to problems accessing services, understanding how to negotiate for change, stereotyping, etc., and we paint a very bleak picture for the future.   We need to use the techniques for engaging with young people that work. And then we need to provide spaces for them to develop their learning far enough to create their own employment and other opportunities.


About ReetzOnline
Reetz is using enterprise ventures as a tool for engaging and empowering young people. We work to improve their prospects for the future: young people have more responsibility for personal and community goals young people have better access to public services and local initiatives businesses and employers have stronger relationships with young leaders more young people employed better portrayal of young people in the media better variety of youth-led ventures in which to invest

3 Responses to If lack of funding is not the only barrier to education, then funding is not the only solution

  1. The FonZ says:

    I think, we make make them understand what education is all about.

    • ReetzOnline says:

      That’s right Fonz. It’s not just about being taught but about learning aka ‘being educated’. With that, lack of funding becomes a non issue and we can access even more solutions.

  2. The FonZ says:

    I also think being an educated person is not the same as being a learned person.

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