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“Real Engagement and Empowerment Tool Zones”

Reetz Ltd. is specialising in empowering young people through enterprise; giving them an opportunity to practice the skills they need to participate fully in our global economy. We’re bringing young people’s expectations in line with prospective employers and customers. In doing so, we’re creating exciting new challenges for both businesses and young people. We don’t believe in going it alone, so Reetz will also be working alongside a number of incredible people from the world of youth work.

Message from the Director:

“One of the greatest lessons I’ve taken away from my years of experience (there are 3 here) is that in order to be truly involved and impact on your environment, a person needs to feel empowered. Empowerment means many things, but overall it’s about the ability to choose. It‘s the reclamation of your personal authority. For many young people, living in a state of deprivation has dulled that sense of authority. For others, it’s the constant pressure to it fit in which appears after leaving the playground.

The next big lesson is to give value to all of your learning. It’s easy to be distracted by the battle of book smarts vs streets smarts, or by all the insecurities that come with having your level of intelligence measured and questioned. When you’re easily distracted you’re easily manipulated. The inability to earn an income, vote on issues or enjoy an adventure has less to do with mental competencies and more to do with restricted access. Understanding your own learning is how you lift those restrictions. Regardless of the type of learner you are, the cyclical process of learning is in fact simple: plan, do and review. I’ve set up the Reetz Zones to map out the journey to empowerment through learning.

My other great lesson is to understand that learning & empowerment must be shared. The Reetz programme began as a part time operation working with young consultants. Those young people from the original cohort have now moved into further education and employment. We had great fun along the way and the impact was tremendous. For many of us, seeing is believing. Seeing young people leading the way in making change happen brings a sense of hope for others.”

Rita Burrows

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