Fully Funded Level 2 Qualifications

As part of the initiative to improve the competitive edge for Small and Medium Enterprises, this IT and Telecoms Level 2 Apprenticeship is offered at no charge for 16 to 24 years old staff members.

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We’re working in partnership with Mapalim, a well established North London training provider, to offer your staff 1 to 1 on-site support to complete their qualification. 1 to 1 support is the key to successful completion in less than six months. Many apprentices recommend this model, as against whole group training, and it accounts for our current 100% completion rate!

Download and complete the ‘PreStart Form’ to get started. To find out more, email Rita Burrows or call 07960 239 890.

What’s in it for your business?

Better bottom lines for no additional costs! The IT & Telecoms Level 2 is a great way to invest in training and development for talented staff, or for those who need that extra push to improve. This is a practical qualification, so your staff will be motivated to learn. There are no minimum educational requirements, e.g. GCSE’s. It’s ideal for staff members working in an administrative/support role for approximately 30 hours per week. The qualification focuses on enhancing staff professionalism:

  • BETTER work performance!

  • STRONGER written and verbal communications!

  • IMPROVED personal professional efficiency!

  • GREATER understanding of legal responsibilities!

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Tell your customers!

“Research carried out by the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) shows that over 80% of people are more likely to use a business if it offers Apprenticeships to young people.” National Apprenticeship Service

Display your ‘Employer Certificate’ and use the ‘Employer Badge’ on your social media profile, website and stationery.

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