EEE Ventures

Up to 30 young Venturers…

Mostly aged 14 to 19 and 19 to 25, will be ‘engaged-empowered-employed’ to undertake enterprise training and then earn money while they practice new skills. Venturers will get to determine which services they need and then invite organisations in as part of themed events led by young people. Venturers will also come together to focus their energies and resources on one community task at a time.

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EEE Ventures are jumping the hurdles most businesses run into when trying to engage and support young people.

EEE Ventures is following on from the success of our Young Advisors Islington Scheme.

Here, we’ve expanded the programme to make enterprise the focus. After each workshop, Young Venturers will be ‘learning by doing’ paid work at £8.30 per hour for practise, practise and more practise! Workshops and placements will be delivered by qualified trainers in partnership with other youth organisations and businesses. Some of the skills young people can expect to develop include:

  • Setting targets & personal challenges: to develop confidence

  • Managing expectations: to develop better overall outcomes

  • Group discussion: to uncover barriers, influences & solutions

  • Negotiation, communication & positive assertive behaviour: to develop influence

  • Research & reporting: to find & make better use of resources

  • Evaluating: to practice decision making & analytical thinking

  • Project management: to practice problem solving

  • Interviewing & mentoring: to improve relationship building

  • Presenting: to raise awareness in the wider community

  • Photography, music, drama, dance, fashion & artistic props: to develop quality outputs for sale

  • PLAN-DO-REVIEW ventures/events/activities: to bring skills together & achieve change

  • CV enhancement (as part of exit strategy): to highlight relevant skills for the final job placements

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