“They Said”

Now…imagine you’re young, gifted & unemployed…then you run into Reetz!

Here’s what young people had to say about their encounters with Reetz:

“I learnt a lot and your feedback about my work there, made me feel more confident not only in terms of work but also personally. I also think this experience will open many doors for my ‘professional future’. I think you should definitely do more projects like this, you’re nice and clear and I really like the way you deal with people and your professionalism.” Ana, aged 24

“You ensured that everyone knew what they were doing and that everyone was assigned work to do. You took into account everyone’s opinions and you had a persona that made it easy for an employee to approach you about anything. You also made it a priority to help everyone accomplish their individual goals, thus you were able to bring out the full potential in everyone and in doing so made them feel satisfaction towards their work. Thank you for a being a wonderful boss!!” Farhana, aged 22

“Even before I had been accepted at the interview, she made me feel at ease whilst in the interview and also when working with her you feel less nervous which contributes to a good working environment. The main good point is that she is easy to talk to, and a friendly and positive manager, so if you are not sure about anything, you can easily ask which would encourage you to work to a good standard to achieve targets. Before, during and after my placement, she kept me informed of any procedures that I needed to know, such as before attending on the first day, and also after the placement when receiving the certificate and feedback. So overall, she is a supportive manager that would help everybody achieve what is best in them!” Funke, aged 19

“I felt that I could come to you with any problem and issues I had and you would listen and give a clear concise answer. It was a great experience in the end and I think a lot of that was because of you keeping things together.” Gilbert, aged 23

“I felt very comfortable in approaching you for any queries and thought you done well in assisting me, even for the answers that you were unsure of, you assisted me in finding them. I really enjoyed our last day and the feed back summary at the end. I appreciate sessions like these as it allows me to see qualities in others to take on and adapt as well as to recognise my own talents and areas that I need to work on.” Kristina, aged 23

“Your outgoing bubbly personality definitely made the whole experience much more enjoyable. You are friendly and a real people person who knows how to interact with different types of individuals and although your bubbly and outgoing your not an ‘in your face’ kind of person which is great for miserable gits that just want to get their qualifications and leave! Even though we were your first team you were great at giving directions and ensuring that we didn’t just do the work specified but also understood why we were doing it.” Christina, age 23

“I considered you a brilliant Line Manager. You always had the right balance in managing your apprentices and you were the reason that all your apprentices got on so well with each other. It was a wonderful experience.” Mudassar, aged 21

“I thought you were a brilliant project manager, you were friendly and always listened. I felt like I could come and ask you for help and if I had completed my work you always had something for me to do. Always on the ball and to the point! Thanks for making my experience at Mapalim a memorable one.” Nicola, aged 23

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