a strong economy cannot support free further education????

We’re now accepting that there exist multiple intelligences which aren’t completely cratered for within in the institutional education setting. We know that further education in this setting is not necessarily the best way for every individual. We’re also seeing more and more informal education being introduced as part of the public service. Only, employers need a formal guarantee that learners will be able to contribute to their bottom lines. Even the members of ‘circle of trust’ discussions want to know the facilitator has some form of qualification! People must be empowered to spend their time, money and energies in products and services in which they feel confident. The marketplace needs to be filled with empowered, active citizens, involved communities, critical thinkers and most of all, young people with high aspirations. Empowerment only comes through being engaged in further education. It’s having the confidence to use your leaning in order to create marketable solutions and impact on your environment. It is also about learning how to develop your learning.  The problem is, strong economies can’t exist without free further education. The challenge is going to be keeping education free.